We offer training to enable people to become The Nature Process Facilitators.  There are currently three levels to our training programs, which you can explore below.

We are also proud to share that The Nature Process is an Accredited Trainer with the International Association of Coaches, Mentors and Therapists (IACTM).

This is a eighteen week, ninety-six-hour training comprising of eighteen live coaching calls with seventy-eight hours of practical nature activities and preparation to ensure you’re ready to facilitate The Nature Process at the end of the training and complete the assessments to make you a Certified Facilitator.

Prerequisites:  Basic understanding of The Nature Process and informal interview with a member of The Nature Process Core Team.

Module 1 – What Makes a Good Facilitator?

We’ll explore the key skills of a good facilitator whereby you’ll conduct your own assessment of your existing skillset and how you can develop it.  We’ll also look at:

  • The importance of grounding and self-care;
  • Acknowledging and celebrating and;
  • Gratitude.
Module 2 – Facilitating The Nature Process

In this module you’ll deepen your own understanding of The NatureProcess by:

  • Considering how you would introduce and explain it to others;
  • Exploring the key elements of The NatureProcess;
  • Understanding the benefits of practising The NatureProcess;
  • Integrating it into your daily life.
Module 3 – The Ethics of Facilitating

Ethics are essential to facilitating from a place of integrity and respect.  This module ensures you understand the ethical standards you’re expected to follow as The NatureProcess Facilitator, explore what nature has to teach you about ethics and apply these to real-life scenarios.

Module 4 – Facilitating Natural Presence

In this module you’ll expand your capacity to facilitate Natural Presence by understanding how to:

  • Help others recognise their existing experience of Natural Presence;
  • Communicate your own experience of Natural Presence effectively;
  • Effectively bring others into a state of Natural Presence;
  • Teach the fifty-four senses in an engaging and dynamic way.
Module 5 – Core Facilitator Skills 1

We’ll explore the first of our core facilitator skills here:

  • How to create a safe place;
  • Build trust and rapport with people;
  • The importance of releasing judgment and removing personal bias when facilitating;
  • Why you need to acknowledge individual differences and;
  • The importance of both verbal and body language when facilitating.
Module 6 – Facilitating Natural Body

In this module you’ll develop your ability to facilitate Natural Body by learning how to:

  • Help others tune into the wisdom of their body;
  • Understand embodiment through the four elements model created by Mark Walsh;
  • Create your own exercises to help people tap into the Natural Body.
Module 7 – Core Facilitator Skills 2

Again, we’ll be going deeper into core facilitator skills:

  • Leading a Group;
  • Creating interaction and dialogue;
  • Handling questions;
  • The difference between advice, feedback and mentoring.
Module 8 – Facilitating Natural Attractions

In this module you’ll expand your ability to facilitate Natural Attractions by discovering how to:

  • Explain the difference between following Natural Attractions in your daily life and in nature;
  • Develop empowering nature-connected stories that reflect the essence of Natural Attractions;
  • Teach others to follow their natural attractions in nature easily and effortlessly;
  • Help others make peace with behaviour that contradicts their natural attractions.
Module 9 – Core Facilitator Skills 3

We’ll complete the last module on core facilitator skills by exploring:

  • How to manage expectations – both your own and those of the participants;
  • Allowing for all emotions to be welcome;
  • How to manage group dynamics;
  • Handling challenges and dealing with limited behaviours and attitudes in participants.
Module 10 – Facilitating Natural Communication

In this module you’ll expand your capacity to facilitate Natural Communication by learning how to:

  • Support people to trust the Natural Communication they receive in nature;
  • Develop your own personal stories of Natural Communication;
  • Help others fully understand the practice of asking for consent.
Module 11 – The Practical Aspects of Facilitating

As the title suggests, this module will explore the practical side of facilitating:

  • Planning and preparing an event;
  • Time management while facilitating;
  • Marketing and promoting events;
  • Event planning checklist;
  • Working with your audience.
Module 12 – Facilitating Natural Release

In the final module you’ll understand how to facilitate Natural Release by discovering how to:

  • Successfully use visualisation to help people experience Natural Release;
  • Support those who are struggling to experience a successful Natural Release;
  • Help people integrate their experience of Natural Release and The NatureProcess into their daily lives.


In order to become licensed to use The NatureProcess brand within your work and promote yourself as The NatureProcess Certified Facilitator the following assessments are required:

  • Independent study of the “Experience Your 54 Senses Workbook” with 500 written word assessment on what you’ve learned about your own sensory nature from doing this.
  • Post written for The NatureProcess blog that showcases your unique contribution to The NatureProcess
  • Ten minute recorded video (or five two minute videos) answering the following questions:
    • What is The NatureProcess?
    • Who can benefit from The NatureProcess?
    • What’s your experience with The NatureProcess?
    • What inspired you to become The NatureProcess Certified Facilitator?
    • What makes you unique as The NatureProcess Certified Facilitator?
  • Three one hour presentation/experiential workshops with 500 written word reflection answering the following questions:
    • How did you prepare this?
    • How did nature offer support and insights to help you develop your presentation/experiential workshop?
    • What do you feel went well?
    • What could be improved for next time?
    • What feedback did your receive from participants?

The NatureProcess Master Facilitator is someone who has completed The NatureProcess Certified Facilitator Training and has:

  • Minimum of 100 hours facilitating Nature Connection using the principles of The NatureProcess within their local community
  • Received 10 hours of mentoring and support through The NatureProcess facilitator community calls
  • Completed ten hours of individual Nature Connected Coaching to help them develop personally and professionally
  • Competence in successfully blending the principles of The NatureProcess into their existing modality and transcending the language of The NatureProcess to create their own unique expression of Nature Connection
  • The ability to create their own experiential exercises based upon the principles of The NatureProcess
  • Written and published articles/interviews that promote the principles of The NatureProcess
  • Promoted The NatureProcess within their local community
  • Regularly facilitates Nature Connection through workshops and retreats

This role is available by invitation only.

You must be an existing The Nature Process Master Facilitator who possesses professional coach training.

You need previous experience in leading and hosting online webinars and training along with enough training experience that you will meet the IACTM Accredited Trainer requirements:

  • You are a certified Trainer with a minimum of 50 hours of professional experience.
  • You have undergone at least 100 hours of Trainer training from a reputable training provider.
  • You are able to demonstrate competence and professionalism as a Trainer in accordance with IACTM’s Core Competencies.
  • Agree to and sign the IACTM Code of Ethics.
  • Compliance with the IACTM Policy.

This ensures that the integrity and ethics of The Nature Process are maintained.

Before being able to train others in The Nature Process Facilitator Training you first co-train a facilitator training program with an existing approved The Nature Process Trainer and then maintain your accreditation as an IACTM Trainer for the duration of providing training through The Nature Process.

We offer a consulting agreement at a fixed fee for this role.