Our Values

At the heart of The Nature Process are the values that drove the creation of our first online program.

These are the principles which guide the work we do and the decisions we make.


We come from a place of love and are committed to taking action that will provide value for humanity, all other life in Earth, and the Earth itself. This is what drives the work that we do forward.


When all parts of a community function effectively it creates abundance and growth for all inhabitants within the community. Our community is the Earth and we work to develop not only The Nature Process community but our community at large.

Continued Learning

We remain open to challenging the stories of civilization and continue to learn more about what it means to be fully human and fully connected to both our inner nature and the nature around us. We do this by actively engaging in courses and training to support our development and challenge us to grow both personally and professionally.


We highlight the link between nature connection and making an impact through our practice of creating tangible impacts around the world from all of the products and services we offer. We are driven to discover additional ways in which The Nature Process can continue to positively impact the world.


We value diversity and as such acknowledge the feelings, wishes and rights of all human beings in Earth regardless of their gender, race, creed, colour, age, personal disability, sexual orientation, political beliefs or religious beliefs.


Our sense of self expands beyond the boundaries of our human self to include the Earth and all other life that exists within it. From this place of interconnectedness, we discover our purpose (or niche) in life and create a deeper meaning to the work we do and how we live our lives.