“The Nature Process isn’t really something that I’ve created. It’s what happens naturally when we are open enough to mindfully connect with nature and be guided by it.”

~ Tabitha Jayne, The Nature Process (2nd Edition)

In today’s modern busy Western world, we’ve become desensitised to the natural world around us. We spend most of our time indoors, in artificial environments that don’t support our innate need to connect to nature. We’ve lost our connection to nature.

Tabi Jayne, BSc, MSc, MBPsS, CPC, FRSA
Creator, The NatureProcess®

“I feel like I am walking away with an amazing tool that I can use for the rest of my life.” Peggy W.

If you’ve found this website, then you’re probably one of two kinds of people:

Someone who already has a connection to nature and you’d like to go deeper


Someone who doesn’t feel connected to nature at all but you’d like to.

There’s a growing body of research that shows the benefits of spending time in nature alongside a growing awareness that we, humanity, need to reconnect to the natural world.

When you spend time in nature, you counteract the stressful effects of our daily lives. You gain clarity and insight that can help you enhance our life.

“Connecting to nature has changed my world completely, in a most amazing way. The more I connect to nature the easier it gets. I feel amazing when I connect. I feel joy, oneness and unconditional love. Connecting to nature has helped me heal emotional baggage that I have held onto. I’m learning to trust. Trust nature, trust myself and trust that everything is ok.” Ruby M.

The Nature Process is a simple way of deepening your connection to nature by being in the body and experiencing nature through the senses.

It can teach you effective stress management skills, promote creative thinking, and lead to better mental health.

Our first online program was launched in May 2014. Over 400 people signed up to listen to the introductory webinar. 77 people from 13 countries around the world took part in the five-week online program.

100% of the proceeds of the course were donated to the non-profit organisation, TreeSisters, whose mission is to help reforest the tropics within the next 10 years using the power of the feminine. Nearly £6,000 was raised.

The feedback from the online program was so positive that Tabitha wrote and published the first edition of The NatureProcess book in October 2014. It became an Amazon category best-seller.

At the same time now Master Facilitator & North American Trainer, Sami Aaron, got in touch with Tabitha asking to be trained to facilitate The NatureProcess. Since being trained, Sami has led hundreds of people in the US – from all walks of life – through The NatureProcess with her presentations, workshops and retreats.

“The more I looked outside to Nature and the trees the more I felt the immense power of the Earth. I felt energized in an unbelievable way and felt younger than I’ve ever felt. I felt so alive and powerful. It translated in my body as a huge amount of sexual energy. Something of it must have radiated out because suddenly, somebody that I’ve known for a long time, we became partners. That was really surprising because I really set out to make a connection with Nature and something completely different happened.” Sari A.

The following year, The NatureProcess online program launched again, this time exclusively through TreeSisters. 107 people from 14 countries around the world took part. This time, nearly £10,000 was raised to support the work of TreeSisters and 2140 trees were planted in the tropics.

A small group of people continued on into The NatureProcess Deep Dive. More and more asked to be trained to facilitate The NatureProcess.

We spent 2016 developing the group facilitator training program and doing a beta launch. The feedback was, once again, overwhelmingly positive.

Participants told us that not only did the program exceed their expectations but that they’d never seen such depth in any nature-based training program before.

We’re proud to say that we’ve developed a strong code of ethics for facilitators, which have been independently approved by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM).

We offer comprehensive training programs that ensure those working with others have the necessary skills – and continuing professional development – to do so.

Since the launch of our facilitator training program, we have 15 facilitators in training/in the process of completing their certification both in the UK and US so that together we can teach individuals and communities how to improve their well-being through connecting to nature and help make the EarthSelf vision of harmony between humanity and nature a reality.

“I have always been drawn to spending time in nature—sometimes the drive is so intense I schedule my day around getting outside. It’s where I go to feel at peace and look for answers to the questions/situations that keep me from being at peace. I now know that I have only begun to scratch the surface of the healing that’s available.” Connie S.
“I set out to return to a stream but I … was suddenly drawn by a tree that entirely clarified for me what issue it was I needed to work through. I find it amazing what our higher selves (or whatever is guiding us in life) know what we need before we know! I learned from that tree that I can be a support system for others in my life and share my resources without sacrificing myself. And I am also in the process of shedding old bark that is no longer needed (patterns and behaviors).” Katie H.
“The Nature Process opened up space within me and left me feeling more confident that I was in the right place at the right time and helped me to realized that I didn’t need to be so caught up in frustration. I could just move forward. It helped me get past a big block. For me, it was to find a job here in Germany, which Germany is not my native tongue. And I did end up getting a job, which was really awesome. And I still think my German is really crappy, but I got a job, so it must be good enough! Now I tap into nature more and notice the small things like the colors of the leaves. Every day I have to go out for a walk with our dog and I enjoy it now, no matter what the weather’s like!” Lori F.